Six Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side

sleep on left side

Sleep is important for living a healthy life. The right sleep position improves the quality of sleep. Here are some straightforward benefits you get by sleeping on your left side.

It improves digestion:

Stomach and pancreas are located on the left side. When you sleep on your left side, your stomach and pancreas get a natural position that helps it to function naturally. The pull of gravity also helps the food through the stomach.

Improves brain health:

Researchers have found that sleeping on your left side helps your brain filter out the waste which helps in conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Improves heart health:

Heart is also located on the left side of your body so sleeping on your left side helps the blood flow smoothly to the heart using the gravitational pull.

Good for pregnant women:

Sleeping on the left side improves the blood flow to to the uterus and the foetus. It also lessen the pressure on spine and waist.

Stops snoring habit:

Snoring is often caused by the muscles in your throat and tongue. Your throat and tongue muscles ease backward in your throat when you sleep on your back, which create a vibration as you struggle to breath. Sleeping on your side can fix your snoring habit.

Prevents heartburn:

Sleeping on the left side habit can help relieve heartburn, particularly after a spicy or acidic meal.

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