Tiny Capsule Sized Robots Are The Future Of Surgery

tiny robots

Using robotic system to aid in surgical procedures is not new  for medical science, but there are conditions when even these robots can not do much because just like surgeons these robots can function only from outside the human body. Researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a tiny capsule-sized robot that can perform various functions like removing unwanted foreign items from the stomach, patching wounds, and administering medicines from inside the body. This is considered to be the future of surgery. This amazing origami robot is made of magnets and “dried pig intestine”. It was a challenge for the researchers to find a biocompatible material to create this tiny surgical robot. Finally they settled with dried pig intestine combined with magnets to create the robot. The origami robot is folded inside a capsule-sized ice. The ice melts once it is inside the stomach, and the robot unfolds to take its functional form. This robot can be easily controlled magnetically from outside the body. It may take 6 more years to bring this surgical operation into the mainstream. Further improvement is needed and more importantly this thing needs to be tested on humans.

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